Frequently Asked Questions | Nathan Morton Smith


How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, simply press the menu tab – account – cancel.

If you experience any issues, please get in touch and I’ll assist right away.

Are your workouts designed for men only?
Not at all! Everything on the website is suitable for men and woman, and is designed for all ages, fitness levels and skills. If you don’t want to follow my daily workouts, or my favourite ‘go-to’ sessions, you can find the perfect exercises for you in the video library and put your own sessions together! Feel free to contact me to assist in catering a workout that suits your goals.
How do I know if the website is right for me?
If you are someone who would like to be fitter, stronger and healthier, this website is for you! The site caters to beginner and advanced lifters, and is tailored toward people who live a busy lifestyle and want to feel confident when entering the gym, knowing you have a great training session planned out for you.
How long will it take to see results?
You need to be ready and motivated to improve your physique if you want to succeed. This is a decision and commitment only you can make. I have helped countless people transform their body and mind-frame over the years, and I’ve learnt that if you really commit to improving yourself, you will recognise vastly noticeable improvements after only a couple of months!
 I would like my teenager to get fit and active. Will your website help?
Yes, but it is worth noting that the website is based around resistance training. I would recommend doing your own research and consulting your physician to ensure the training is appropriate for your child, depending on their age. I personally began resistance training when I was 15 years old.
What happens after I sign up?
Once you have signed up to the website, you will have unlimited access to all of the members only material – this is where you’ll find the value! Members are shown the exact workout I completed the previous day, have access to a library of instructional videos (which are constantly updated), can scroll through a list of my favourite workouts for each muscle group, and can read through my personal nutrition tips and hints!

The payments are set-up on a subscription basis, and will automatically renew at the end of each period unless cancelled. You are welcome to cancel at any time.

Does online fitness training work?
Absolutely – provided you are committed to improving yourself! You will be provided with the tools, routines and motivation you need to succeed, it is up to you to keep yourself accountable. The advantage of my website is that you can train wherever and whenever you like, with everything you need right at your fingers. The difference with my website when compared to an online personal trainer, is you are not limited to a 6 or 12 week program. You take the time you need to achieve your goals. I will always be a message away to keep you on track, help with your training goals and provide any advice you may need. Your success is my success and helping people to get fit, strong an healthy (mind & body!) is my mission.
Do you offer refunds?
I do not offer refunds on the website, however you are able to cancel at any time if you wish. If you do choose to cancel, your membership will end at the end of that billing period. We will be sad to see you leave, though hope you achieved your goals while using the site!
How much is the subscription?
I offer a weekly or monthly subscription to suit everybody’s timing needs. A weekly subscription is $5.99 AUD per week, and a monthly subscription is $21.99 AUD per month. All payments are renewed automatically at the end of each period until cancelled.
How do I pay?
Subscriptions are paid in advance at sign-up, via Stripe, using either a credit or debit card. The subscription amount & timing will depend on your selection – you decide! These transactions are processed and managed directly by Stripe. There are no credit/debit card details held on my website. All credit/debit card details are securely stored on Stripe.
Why do you use a subscription model for payment?
It’s important to me to not set unrealistic timeframes in achieving your health and fitness goals. Everyone is different and improving your strength, fitness and mind-frame takes time, just like anything worth having! I don’t like to set an end date to peoples progress, and it is my hope that you will continue with the website until you’ve absolutely achieved your desired results!
How do I get help if I need it?
Simply reach out to I will answer all emails personally, and endeavour to answer your query on the same day it was sent.
Will I need to join a gym to use the website?
A gym membership is highly recommended and my training methods are largely based around resistance training. With that being said, there are many exercises that don’t require state of the art equipment, or any equipment at all. All exercise routines are based on equipment found in most local gyms.